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Papo's Bio Pic is coming soon!



He was born in San Roman Corozal and now is 54 years old. 

From a young age of 13 before discovering his talents he used to make toys for children from scratch and sell them in the village of Orange Walk. During that same period of time he attended LA Imaculada primary school and then later Muffles Collage.

Soon after in San Pedro he was looking for work and was hired as an assistant  by Lindsey Hackston (owner of the gallery) and the well known artist Walter Castillo . They both took him under their wing and exposed him to the world of art and showed him how to direct his creativity into art.

After a time as serving as an assistant he decided to become independent artist and is now living in the mainland. He really enjoys creating his work with bright and brilliant colours, using recycled or nature given materials

He is currently happily married with children (two boys and 3 girls) and apart from making art he is very passionate about serving god and expressing his love for his religion with singing and music.

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