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As a painter, writer, and designer, I use a variety of mediums to inspire my viewers to venture out from their shadows into a place of strength and beauty. I began writing my first novel, 'Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist', as a cathartic exercise to help me navigate through a traumatic event and discover my voice as an advocate for women. The process of writing this piece led me from Dallas to San Pedro, where I traveled to research a prominent element of the story—Belize... and after numerous visits to the island, and my own love story involving a boat captain, I chose to make the island my home. My novel quickly became an illustration of the journey we're all faced to explore after we've endured trauma. Similarly, I created my 'Nautical Bohemia Collection', a series of art painted on retired catamaran sail, using sailing and nautical imagery as a metaphor for the myriad of adventures we experience throughout our lives. My intention and vision is to inspire my viewers to fall in love with their personal journey and love themselves every step of the way. As my creative mentor, Georgia O'Keeffe, was drawn to the desert in New Mexico, I find beauty in the endless turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. From the stories hidden in the depths of these waters, I've committed my creative vision to passionately share truths that can be connected to universally.

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