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Elisa Vesta, born in Paris France, the first child of a Norwegian mother and a Tuareg father, was raised on a boat with no electricity, no heat, no fresh water, in a remote area of the shore near Marseille. When she was 4 years old, her little sister was born. But the baby-girl lived for only 21 days. She died of cold since that year's weather was extremely cold, and the conditions on the boat were very bad.

Elisa's mother, very depressed, was sleeping almost all the time... Her father was learning to deep dive... And Elisa and her mother never knew if he would come back alive each day he went out to dive. Elisa's mother was Norwegian (from Italian and Russian origins) and her father's mother half Afghani, while his father was half Italian and half from the Tuareg tribe of the Sahara desert.

Elisa began to paint at 2 years old, drawing characters she created out of her imagination. She went to school for the first time at 5 years old, but her mother took her out because she was feeling too alone… At 8 years old she began another school in a small village, Port Barcares, located in the south France, where the boat was anchored. Her father now a famous Extreme diver, was constructing underwater foundations for Marinas (Port Leucate, Port Barcares, Port Vendres, Argeles etc... These ports were all constructed by her father).

Elisa's early life began with fishing and digging for sea shells, selling them to restaurants, and in the summers, helping her mother in the fish shop. She studied a lot herself in public Libraries, having a strong passion for books and their contents, finding out information, detailed answers, etc... When she was 10 years old, she studied for 2 years in a Monastery school for which she paid herself by selling the shells she dug and picked on shore.

At school, she was too advanced in the courses, and thus had problems staying interested in the subjects about which she sometimes knew more than her teachers, so she was placed in upgraded levels. But she didn't want to adapt, and with many problems at home, now she had a little baby brother 12 years younger, she decided to quit school and study by herself while helping her mother against the violence of her father. When he died (in 1981), she was 16 years old and took control of her father's under-water construction company, only to pay off the employees and bank debts. She went on to run her mother's little boutique, until she sold it before leaving, at age 19 (1984), with her mother and her 7-year-old brother to Paris to start a new business.

When she had time, Elisa studied with Mr. Collemine the best Copyist of the Marine Painter under the King Louis XIV, (Musee de la Marine, Paris). She also trained in Renato Vassallo Atelier, known for their prestigious art skill for paintings restoration, collaborating in 1985 with the Louvre Museum.

In addition, Elisa studied the Chromo-therapy at Necker Kids Hospital.
One day she decided to paint 20 large paintings in a week. Nobody was willing to exhibit them. They told her she had to wait for the galleries schedules etc.. She tried to fit in the Art Organization of Paris, but everything was too narrow for her.

At that time, Elisa Vesta sold her art to different collectors, and a 30-piece drawing collection on paper made with sepiaink to the House of Japan in Paris. 

Elisa lived 8 years in Paris, had a French fiancée entrepreneur, but supported her family all by herself, until she decided to get free from everybody and set up a new life on the another side of the Ocean, in St. Martin, West Indies, an island surrounded by blue turquoise free sea...

She decorated for different hotels and the Watney Family, the founders of the Island.

Travelling to Colombia , to meet Gabriel Garcia Marquez the famous writer of Magical Realism (bestselling book, "100 year of Solitude")... Travelling again and again, to Santo Domingo, Miami, New York... To meet with all kinds of Civilizations, Elisa tried to study the HUMANS... through their cultures, food, TV Programs, their history, in order to figure out the Human Future on this Planet...

In 1998 a car accident left her  paraplegic , and unable to move >specialiste told her she will never walk again.

In 1999 Elisa just to prove she  could do whatever she wants , she travelled to Canada in a cold  October , intending to cross the whole country on a dog sled...But even though she had all the support from a native Canadian Indian very skilled in the wild way of  life ...She was to weak.... Some months later , after making a deal with the TV Canal Plus , she arrived in Honduras to discover new places to set up a TV Reality  Survivor program on a Island , new genre in Europe ...

 She crossed the Country during a   month , went to Tegucigalpa the Capital  met with one counselor ,of the President  Carlos Roberto Flores , declined a proposition of cultural organisations, and went on with he traveling Nomad Philosophy.

Elisa have a big obsession for the Caribbean Islands... Reminding her , of the boats where she grown up... sea, freedom, peace... and Solitude.

In 2002,  with 80 % of handicap... She decided to get lost in The wild wide Brazil... The journey last for 10 years. Travelling by anything who can move her ...on the 88 Millions of kilometers of this Big country  from the south to Amazonas from Est to West , by canoas , boats , horses, buggys , donkeys, ULM , on motos during 6 years ,  small planes , bus, cars etc...



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