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 Vesta Elisa Vesta, was born in Paris France, the first child of a Norwegian mother and a Tuareg father. Elisa began to paint at 2 years old, drawing characters she created out of her imagination. She has lived in Brazil and a number of Caribbean Islands over the past few decades and has taken inspiration from the indigenous people she has encountered on her travels. Elisa’s art focuses on the subject’s inner essence (from her, the artist's, point of view). In her mind, indigenous ethnic groups, living as they do close to nature, mirror the animal and plant worlds in design and colour. She explores how indigenous people assimilate the powers of Mother Earth and use nature in their cultures’ crafts, music, foods and in the evolution of behaviour and sharing; and how they employ nature’s colours to protect their own skin and spirit: to catch luck when they go to battle, or hunt and fish, or to empower, seduce, celebrate or heal.

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