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 He was born in Belize City on May 2, 1989, but  grew up in Santa Elena, his home town. He was raised with 3 brothers and 4 sisters, life was not that good all the time for them. This means the resources from his mom and dad were not enough for everyone all the time. He went to Santa Elena  Primary School, then Sacred Heart High School, and The University of Belize. His brother was the one to teach the idea of the art work to him and they started off together, but due to his brother’s job and being busy all the time Baron took over the business and this was all beginning at the age of 14 and then later on with the money he earned he payed his school fees until sixth form. At the time he learned this artwork, Santa Elena was a crime ridden place, most of the friends he grew up with were in prison, even one of his brothers (not the one who taught him the artwork). This artwork made him spent a lot of time home because each one take about 6 hours average to make one.He collects the butterflies after they die naturally from several butterfly farms in the Cayo district( green hills butterfly farm, and trek stop tropical wings) and then he preserve them and makes his art work. The artwork will last a life time, because it is between two pieces of glass and the glass are glued together with silicone so air or water cannot get in. The artwork has two sides to it, you can flip it round and it will be a different color. He was teaching Mathematics at St. Ignatius High School, but due to needing further studies he is attending the University of Belize to get a bachelor's degree in Math Education.  At the moment he living in San Ignacio. Apart from that he loves to take hikes in the hills of the Cayo district, going to rivers and exploring the jungle and ruins and caves of Belize and most of all making the most of his country Belize.

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