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Elvie Guerrero Staines is a Belizean born artist whose family is well known on the island for having one of the best restaurants. Her father is a very talented jeweler and painter. She believes this is where she inherited her love and passion for art. Elvie has been painting since the age of seven and as the years went by she did everything to improve her skills. She attended middle school on the island and high school in Belize City and graduated with a BFA from “La Universidad del Mayab” in Merida, Yucatán. While pursuing her career as a graphic designer she also took sculpting, airbrush, jewelry making classes and photography. Elvie enjoys digital design and has also worked as an interior designer.

Her style has evolved throughout the years from traditional tropical paintings to more abstract expressionism which is a result of her exposure to art in major cities abroad. She has resided in New York, Atlanta, Miami and Los Ángeles. As much as she loved the energy and vibe of large cities, she always missed her hometown. In 2016, she finally moved back to Ambergris Caye. Here she slowed things down and indulged herself in Island life. As a result, she found the perfect fusion of art which is now reflected in her work. Luminous layers of colors which is inspired by the beautiful sunsets and landscapes found on the island. She is known for her geometric shapes and fluid strokes which are beautifully integrated with figure and form. Elvie’s medium of choice is acrylics but she also enjoys watercolors and mixed mediums. Her sensibility of color and her portrayal of strong beautiful women, as well as her ability to integrate both abstract and traditional styles, is fascinating! Her fresh and striking combinations both capture and sustain our attention.

The Artist has had several solo exhibits throughout the years in Belize, Mexico, Atlanta and Miami. Her best work is usually when she is in an “elusive” state of mind or when she is feeling rather emotional and distant. Her expressions are either bright and beautiful or mysteriously black and white, but always... originals on canvas.

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